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About us

We are a Birmingham based internet marketing company providing internet winning solutions to small and medium sized enterprises in West Midlands.

We help our clients attract visitors to their website, understand their behaviour and convert those visitors into revenue or leads

When you work with first4search you will not only benefit from winning strategies that until now have been reserved for Blue Chip companies but you will also get a personalised service. 

Our Passion

Our company thrives on three core values.

Curiosity - We never stop seeking better answers and generating practical new ideas
Integrity - We have a passion for uncovering what is true and right for our clients even when it’s not the conclusion we hoped for
Loyalty - There are things more important than gain at the expense of compromised values and divisiveness

Our Certification and memberships

Advanced Certification in Search Engine Optimisation awarded by Search Engine Workshops.
Certified by WSI, the leading Global network of Certified Internet Marketing Consultants
Member of Search Engine Marketing Professional Organisation, SEMPO, a global non-profit organisation. SEMPO members adhere to the best practices in the industry

We are different

We only practice ethical SEO
We will not only bring traffic to your site but will work with you to improve conversion of that traffic
We focus on your profits and not our fees
We offer a personal service
We have a network of experienced internet professionals at our disposal to call on when necessary
We monitor market trends and latest industry practices so you will always be kept up to date

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