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First4search Ethical SEO Policy

Our Commitment to Ethical Search Engine Optimization

If your goal is to get on the first page of Google "guaranteed within five weeks," then our company is not the SEO company for you.

There are many SEO companies out there which are more than willing to take your money, catapult your site up to the top in a matter of weeks with unethical practices, and proceed to ignore your phone calls as your site gets banned from Google for some of the practises outlined below.

Ethical SEO practises are long term strategies that move a site ranking in steady continuous strides over time. We only employ legitimate SEO techniques in our work .

We do not ...

work with illegal pharmacy websites
use cloaking techniques to fool the search engines
use automated link-building tools
submit to link farms
spam comment fields or forums
sabotage your competition
hide keyword text
keyword-stuff the content or meta tags
commit click-fraud
use doorway pages
use mirrored domains
scrape or duplicate content




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