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High rankings in search engines can bring you lots of targeted traffic, but will your site convert those visitors into leads or revenue?

Yes it is possible if you use our skilful, customer focused copywriting and search engine optimisation techniques when designing your Web pages.


People describe things in different ways. The words you use in your business may be very different from the words your customers use. For example, “low fares” is an airline industry term. 3717 searches were predicted at time of writing; “cheap flights” is a term potential customers will use and 421 465 searches predicted per day.

When online visitors come to your site they're thinking "What's in it for me?" and aren't interested in sales copy or company profiles. They may want to know more about the company later, but their first priority is to find information that answers their questions. For this reason when we produce your content we focus on the key benefits of your products and services.

The copy on a website is the same as a business introduction. It needs to be clear, setup an expectation and fulfil it. It needs to respond to two types of readers; the human and the search engine robot. But remember "Search engine spiders don't have credit cards, People do."


Researching Keywords

Before any copywriting or search engine optimisation tasks can begin, it's necessary to conduct thorough keyword research to identify the strategic keyword phrases that lead to better positioning and visitor conversions.

It is the selection of the right keyword phrases, coupled with skilful copywriting that makes your site relevant for both search engines and visitors.  

Our keyword identification processes is as follows:

  • We brainstorm with you to create a list of keywords describing your products or services.
  • Do online research for terms that potential customers might use in a search query to find you.
  • Do offline research 
  • Identify keywords that your competitors have missed out.
  • Use our Keyword research tools to determine which terms to focus on.


Site conversion

The quality of content and copywriting becomes a priority when the focus turns from building relevant traffic to conversion of the site visitor to a lead or sale. What is the use of a website that attracts lost of visitors that leave as soon as they arrive with little evidence left behind of who they were or what they were expecting.


We can help you increase your website conversion. Please contact us now.


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